About Us

Bumi means Earth in the Indonesian language, Oditi means ‘Dawn’ in Sanskirt. New hope in a new normal life to re-appreciate Mother Earth, by relying on natural herbs as the center of healing. Bumi Herbal – Oditi Bali is an artisan industrial herbal processing. The original power of the island of Bali with the surrounding land revives herbal plants from an ancient cultural heritage that are beneficial for health. Synergizing with our fostered herbal farmer groups in Jembrana district by using the solar drying method without chemicals or pesticides, we produce fresh herbs with guaranteed hygienic quality. We were born during a pandemic period which was motivated by an awareness of natural healthy living which is mandatory for our survival. Our mission is to continuously bring campaigns for naturally healthy living as a new lifestyle in the new normal era.

‘Healthy living with Balinese Herbs’